Heroin and Opiate Addiction Treatment

A significant percentage of people that come to Drug Rehab Carlsbad are fighting an addiction to heroin or opiates. Many started off abusing prescription drugs like hydrocodone or oxycodone and other pain pills. The saying “one is too much and a thousand is never enough” tends to fit what most clients were feeling when they came into our affordable treatment program. Then the need for higher quantities of opiates grew. Eventually because of cost and being cut off from their prescriptions addicts gravitate toward heroin. Heroin and opiate addiction has a very tight grasp on the lives of those affected and most times a period of safe separation from the environment the addict is living in is needed to start recovery.

That is why we have a heroin rehab program offering services specifically aimed at helping clients overcome the grips of heroin addiction. Our heroin addiction treatment program often begins with heroin or other opiate detox before entering our residential treatment program. Once we get the person through the physical withdrawal symptoms they are able to begin diving in deeper to the program that Drug Rehab Carlsbad offers

Drug Rehab Carlsbad heroin and opiate rehab has helped many recover at our drug rehab. The first step to recovery in our heroin addiction treatment program begins with the realization that the cycle of addiction can be broken.

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